Brent Gray

Rotorua Investor

“I would not buy a property without first talking to you Donna”

Erena Tapiata

Rotorua Investor

“…the service provided by Russell Hardie is far superior to that of competitors.  So moral of the story—keep up the great work/professional service you provide”

Jonathan Watts

Auckland Investor

“I knew when I met you that I had engaged the right person/company!  Thanks Donna.  Seems like things move faster in Rotorua than Auckland.  In fact I would go further and say your efforts and response give me confidence to invest further in Rotorua!  Many thanks again for your efforts Donna”

Nora Surya

Japanese Investor

“This is what I expect from a great property manager and unfortunately it’s very rare in Rotorua and fortunately I have found you and your company!  Go Russell Hardie!  You are the best!”

Anne Mattock

Rotorua Tenant

“This is to testify about how diligent and on to it Donna has been in helping me get things done in my home unit that rent with Russell Hardie.  She has not been with me very long, but she has certainly showed her commitments to the clients, especially me.  I would recommend her to anyone”

Bob Stewart

Palmerston North Investor

"I work with a number of Property Managers all around the country, where my various properties are located. Donna, I am really impressed with your professionalism and commitment to excellence!"

Mr Frost

South Island

I appreciate the feedback on the property’s level of condition and your proactive approach to minimize further deterioration.  The house may not be a palace, but I still need to protect my investment nevertheless!”