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At Russell Hardie Property Management each management agreement is tailored specifically to meet individual Landlords needs. Over the years we have identified the three major components Investors commonly require in their property management service – communication, a good rental return and knowledge of the state of the property. At Russell Hardie Property Management we recognize that each Investor has individual strategies which ultimately results in different priorities. Our job as Property Managers is to identify the priority and deliver a tailored service to meet each Client’s expectations.

Below is a summary of what Landlords can expect from our property management package.

  • Regular communication
  • Regular newsletters
  • Advertising of property through both conventional and creative mediums
  • Selection of tenants (with thorough vetting)
  • Completion of tenancy agreements and bond lodgements
  • Rent increases to stay current with market levels

Regular inspections, including photos and written reports

Each inspection we carry out results in a formal typed report including photos which is supplied to the Landlord. There is no generic, tick the boxes, carbonated form. A condition report is carried out prior to commencement of a tenancy and is generally six to nine pages long. Two months into a tenancy we check to ensure the tenant is looking after the property and thereafter on a four monthly basis. Bond inspections are carried out at the end of each tenancy.
Inspections can be carried out more frequently upon Landlords instructions – another example of our individually tailored property management service.

Organisation of maintenance and repairs

As Property Managers for your investment property we become the liaison between the Tenant and Landlord. In the event that maintenance is required we act on the authority given by the Landlord.

One point of difference at Russell Hardie Property Management is that we allow, and welcome, Landlord involvement with repairs and maintenance. If you wish to carry out your maintenance personally that’s fine, if you wish to set an amount of authority or would like a telephone call or email prior to any action that’s fine or if you just want us to organise it without contacting you that’s fine too.

We work with you, the Landlord, and offer flexibility for maintenance arrangements

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Other Property Management Services

  • Free rental appraisals to existing clients
  • Rental income paid via direct credit to Landlord account up to twice monthly
  • Monthly statements provided to Landlords showing all transactions against properties
  • Payment of regular outgoings such as rates and insurance
  • Assistance with arrangement of additional Landlord insurance policy cover
  • Rent arrears management (with a no leniency policy)
  • Mediation and Tenancy Tribunal appearances as required
  • A full project management service for small or large renovations.

All this with:

  • Competitive commission rates
  • No administration fees
  • No Tenancy Tribunal appearance fees*

*special conditions apply

Property Management Agreement