Property Investment


Russell Hardie was set up to give investors a property management service they didn’t feel was available within the Rotorua sector. Among many points of difference is the fact that we are Property Investors ourselves and therefore we understand what it is to have an investment property.

We follow the property investment market very closely and understand there are many investment strategies – whether it be yield, buy and hold, lease option or other. We realise everyone has different property investment requirements, aspirations and expectations. We work closely with many Property Investors, all with individual strategies, to understand their individual needs and circumstances.

The Rotorua property investment market is still active and strong. Like many provincial areas rental demand is high and there are always opportunities for the smart and astute Property Investor.

We love Rotorua, we love the property market here and have helped both local and out of town Investors find solid and profitable property investments within the area.
There are many advantages to investing in Rotorua with some fabulous opportunities to be had, yields of 8 -10% are achievable. Through lower median house prices and solid rental rates combined, this makes it easier to find profitable property investments.
As a specialist property management company we can really focus on managing your investment portfolio for you, so that you can relax knowing where ever you are in New Zealand, or the world, that your investment is in good hands.
“We understand Investors because we’re Investors too!”

Rental Appraisals

Often Lenders require a current market rental appraisal for finance purposes. Perhaps you have found a good rental prospect but need an appraisal to work with figures.
No matter what the reason, we can provide a written rental appraisal. By comparing the property with others within our Rotorua Rental Portfolio and looking at the current rental climate, we can ascertain the market rental value.

The appraisal is prepared, accompanied by a photo, for your information.
Rental appraisals will incur a fee however are FREE to existing clients.

Fee is payable at the time of collection of the appraisal or prior to the appraisal being emailed.

Potential Investment Property Opinion
Often Investors may find a potential property investment that they think may be worthwhile but may need some level of reassurance.
We can offer an honest, unbiased opinion about the properties potential as a good investment.

We will analyse the property to ensure it meets our five main and proven criteria as to what makes a successful investment.

As well as this, we will match it to comparable properties within our portfolio and provide feedback regarding potential tenants, return, vacancy rate and other relevant information.
The Potential Investment Property Opinion has been put in place so you, the Investor, can have greater confidence in knowing the potential investment propertys’ likelihood of being successful as a rental investment.

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Return Improvement Report
Often investors will purchase a house in need of a full cosmetic renovation. Other times, only a few things will need improving in order to achieve the best return possible.
Our Property Return Improvement Report is a detailed report covering all aspects of your residential investment property including;

  • an overview of the area the property is situated within
  • history of the home
  • room by room descriptions of work required (including photos)
  • Quotes are then prepared for all recommendations taking into account all options for improvement.

A meeting is then arranged to discuss the report, options and decisions to be made around the project.
The Return Improvement Report can be seen as the step in between a standard inspection and full project management. It can also be considered (and is often used as) due diligence for project management.

Project Management
Often investment homes are in need of renovations, whether it be a cosmetic renovation through paint, carpet and drapes to refresh the property, or a major reconstruction job. We can organise work from start for finish.

Many Investors do not want the hassle of organised project management work. Others want to be more hands on and have some involvement with the project.

No matter what the status, we can work for or alongside to ensure the property reaches it’s potential to provide maximum return.
We have a team of tradespeople that we work with, who provide us with great rates and top priority.

We are here to take the hassle out of your property investment. From small jobs to large, we can co-ordinate it for you.

Consultancy is deemed to cover any time spent by Russell Hardie sourcing quotes and undertaking any other work required.  Often Investors may need assistance with their investment properties however the property may not yet be within the management portfolio.  In some cases the Client may not be an existing Client and therefore the Consultancy Service may be utilized.  An example of this service may be Russell Hardie sourcing quotes for a Prospective Purchaser at the time of carrying out due diligence in purchasing an investment.

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